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Flesh out your company profile by adding reviews, advertising your brands and the services you offer.


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We have an extensive range of services on offer, from online solar leads, to instruction manuals, to written and visual content created on demand.


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With the combined efforts of our SEO and your well-written and developed profile page, you'll be able to see the ASQ difference.

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Our high ranking on Google searches means you don't have to spend a fortune on search engine optimisation (SEO). As a part of our directory, you'll automatically be listed towards the top!


Most trusted ratings & reviews

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the most valuable marketing tool. Encourage previous customers to leave reviews and let your quality service do the work for you.


Access Our Marketing Tools

We have an extensive compilation of marketing tools at your disposal, including installation manuals, written content and visuals to save you time.


Australia's #1 Solar Directory

Your company profile page can be customised to include a detailed description of your company, the brands you sell and the services you offer. If you are uninspired for content, don't worry, we can do it for you!

Go Digital and Boost Your Sales with ASQ

Let us take the work off your hands. As your on demand marketing department, ASQ aim to help you do what you do best - install solar systems. With over 10 years of experience in the Australian energy sector and over 20 years of combined experience in digital marketing, ASQ guarantees to increase the efficiency of your business and keep profits in your pocket!

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The Solatrust endorsement will help you convert more leads into appointments by enabling you to display real, live ratings and reviews, published by your customers. Solatrust has a series of widgets and badges can be easily displayed on your website and marketing material so that you can promote the high quality service that your solar business provides. ASQ and Solatrust are at the forefront of consumer care the the solar industry. We know that consumers love to read reviews on third party websites. We also know that word of mouth is the most powerful tool for your sales process. Install the Solatrust widgets on your website once you have signed up with ASQ and reap the rewards.

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Integrate with your Website

Put the Solatrust endorsement on your website so that customers can read your reviews without leaving your site


Free Referral Customers

Your reviews will build consumer confidence for your brand and services, preventing missed opportunities.


Selection of Badges & Widgets

Go Elite and you can access a variety of Solatrust badges, widgets and other marketing material for endorsement!

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Register with ASQ will give you access to the solar retailer portal where can monitor your solar leads, reviews and access the variety of marketing material and services that ASQ offers.

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“Our company has grown alongside Australian Solar Quotes over time and hope the best success rates for the near future. ASQ have a quality name and are the best solar partners people can rely on.”

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